For A Perfect Wedding Smile, Start Cosmetic Dentistry Now! [BLOG]

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If you plan to walk down the aisle for a wedding later this year, now’s the time to get started on the perfect smile for your big day!

At Johnson Dental Care in Landisville, PA, we offer several cosmetic dentistry options so that by the time you say, “I do,” your smile will be everything you always wanted it to be!

A Smile Is Part Of The Perfect Wedding Look

If you’re engaged, then you know exactly how much it takes to prepare for a wedding! It’s a long journey with many steps, from the venue to the caterer, to the music, to the dress, even down the font on the invitations…

And that’s before you even get to all the planning that goes into looking your best for the big day! From extra time at the gym to saying, “Yes,” to the dress, you’re talking about the most photographed day of your life, so it makes sense why any bride and groom would also consider cosmetic dentistry.

The year is still young, so our team at Johnson Dental Care wants to see you right away for your cosmetic consultation so you can have a gorgeous smile in time for your wedding day.

Perfect Your Smile For Your Wedding

At Johnson Dental Care, we offer many ways to get your smile ready for the big day. Here are a few!

*Say Yes To Whiter Teeth*

If there’s any day where a white teeth matter, it’s your wedding day! It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride or the groom, the fact is you’ll be spending the entire day up against the bright, white wedding gown.

Dingy, stained teeth will stand out against that, especially in photos. Teeth whitening treatment is fast, simple, and effective if you want a smile that sparkles and shines!

*Look Flawless With Veneers*

If you have more than surface stains that dull your smile, you can transform it with dental veneers.

More than any other cosmetic treatment, veneers correct more teeth flaws and imperfections for a radically-improved smile in several ways:

-You can close gaps between your teeth.

-You can hide deeper stains and discoloration.

-You can cover up oddly-shaped teeth that draw negative attention.

-You can conceal damaged enamel that’s cracked or chipped.

*Bond Your Teeth Before You Bond For Life*

Before you bond with your beloved, think about tooth bonding!

Dr. Johnson and our cosmetic team use a special material that matches the color of your teeth to fill in surface imperfections on your tooth enamel.

This makes your smile look bright and refreshed, perfect for a summer wedding!

*Walk Down The Aisle With A Straight Smile*

You didn’t think orthodontic treatment would be on our list, did you?

Probably because traditional braces take 2-3 years for most patients. But in our Landisville, PA dental office, we offer two options in short-term treatment for crooked teeth.

ClearCorrect and Fastbraces can often be complete in a year or less, so if you’re a good candidate, and the timing is right, you could walk down the aisle with a straight smile!

*Get Your Gums In Shape Before The Big Day*

Because most cosmetic treatments involve your teeth, you may not even realize we can also make your gums look better, too.

Sometimes, patients seek our help with what’s commonly called a gummy smile, which is where too much tooth is covered up by extra gum tissue.

Gum reshaping is the perfect solution, especially thanks to modern, nonsurgical treatment at Johnson Dental Care!

Dr. Johnson can gently adjust your gumline to expose more of your teeth, and make your smile look more even and attractive in time for your wedding.

Schedule A Consultation

Before one of the biggest days of your life, you’ll want to do all you can to look your best. You go to great lengths to make sure everything will be perfect on your wedding day, from the dress to the centerpieces.

Your smile should definitely be on the list of plans.

You have time to start cosmetic dentistry now to get the smile you want before you take that long, important walk down the aisle.

Call Johnson Dental Care today at 717-742-0108 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation.

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